What is Mari Mari Cultural Village?

Mari Mari Cultural Village tour is located deep in the countryside away from the modern and developing Kota Kinabalu city. The village operates as a museum that preserves Borneo ethnic culture. It aims to share the knowledge, history, culture, and tradition of Borneo with you so that it is not forgotten.

The tour offers you the opportunity to see and experience the culture and lifestyle of how the indigenous ethnic groups of Borneo used to live in the olden days when electricity had not yet been introduced in their land.

The village features 5 different ethnic tribes in one village. They are the rice farmer Kadazan-Dusun, the longhouse resident Rungus, the hunters and fisherman Lundayeh, the cowboy and sea gypsey Bajau, and the famously feared headhunting tribe Murut.

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Mari Mari Cultural Village Borneo

Mari Mari Cultural Village Borneo

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5 Reasons To Come

Trees Borneo

1. You get to immerse yourself in quiet tranquil nature.
Escape your normal daily routine and immerse yourself in a quiet and tranquil nature away from the hustle and bustle big city, you will feel as if you were brought back in prehistoric time surrounded by tall trees and the silence of the rainforest. Take a moment to savour and appreciate the sound, smell, and sight of nature.

2. You get to have fun and be enriched in new found knowledge.
Your friendly in-house guides are descendants of among the 5 tribes in the village and will be more than happy to share stories with you of how their great ancestors used to live and what their spiritual beliefs living in the jungle were. You’ll also get the opportunity to participate and experience in a few of the demonstrations such as blowing the Murut blowpipe weapon and many more light and easy activities!

3. you get 5 different tribes in 1 village.
You are guided to each different tribe houses and learn about their different lifestyle, culture, and history. You get a fun and educational experience: see first hand how these tribes used the blowpipe to hunt, start a fire with bamboo and used bamboos to cook their meals.

4. you get a relaxed and leisure sightseeing activity.
This tour is suitable for your whole family, young and old. Your in-house guide will guide you to each different houses along a guided pathway. 

Blowpipe Borneo
5. You will be supporting in preserving culture and tradition so that it will not be forgotten.
Along with storytelling from your in-house guide, each tribe will also be showcasing and give demonstration of how they hunt, make fire and cooked in the old days.
These performers are the local natives that live nearby. This tour offers not only opportunity for them to preserve and showcase their ancestors’ tradition, culture, and history but also provide employment for them. They perform to give the best authentic experience for you so that you feel you are brought back in history.
Culture and tradition is slowly fading away, not many rural natives still live in this type of condition. Today, most live in modern houses with electricity.
It is an honor for the local that live nearby to preserve and showcase their ancestors’ culture to you. Few of the local residents that live nearby come to work as village maintenance, in-house guide, and performers.
Every dollar you spend goes back towards helping the local native people preserve their ancestors culture and tradition.

What to Wear and Bring

  • Comfortable clothing for leisure walking, and/or hats
  • Cash payment and/or extra Cash.
    (note : no credit card processor at the entrance. please bring cash payment)


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